L-Threonine is a kind essential amino acids, used in increasingly fast as feed additive in the amount of using. Because Threonine plays an important role as amino acid of advocating epithelial cells/immunoglobulin and immune cells, using it together with other amino acid such as lysine which can improve the utilization ratio of feed for animal. It can improve digestive and immune of livestock and reduce the diarrhea rate of piglets, thus improving of feed products.
Assay (D.B.)>98.5%
Specific rotation [α]20D-26℃ – -29℃
Loss on Drying<1.0%
Residue on Ignition<0.3%
Ammonium (NH4*)<0.04%
Heavy Metals (AS Pb)<20mg/kg
Arsenic (AS)<2.0 mg/kg
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