Physics and chemistry index sign:chemistry type:C11 H12 N2 O2 molecular weight:204.2 Ls-color ammonia sour content:98.0% thick egg white content(Nx6.25):84.0% the aridity lose heavy: the biggest 1.0% permit heavy(1000 gram/sign to rise):0.35& mdashes;0.45 animal feed formula consideration choice L-tryptophan, can help attain following effect:1: improvement formula of vivid, more by the square the amino acids of the equilibrium animal feed constitutes and satisfy an animal of growth and maintenance demand, raise an animal production function.2: L-tryptophan is digestible 100% amino acids, therefore, is more opposite than egg white raw material, it can morely in the exaltation animal feed can digest L-tryptophan level.3: L-tryptophan to is a pure nourishment animal feed additive, the not poisonous pair remains, can in various animal feed(include the animal feed of exported farming business enterprise) safety use.packing:the each bag is 20 kilograms.
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